Thornhurst Township Officials

Elaine Evans, Chair 570.842.7032
Scott Jordan 570.848.2759
Charles Stout 570.842.4303

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission meets
at 7 PM on the first Tuesday of March, May, September and November, with additional
meetings as needed.

Bonnie Smith, Chair 570.472.3274
Will Evans, Vice-Chair 570.842.7032
Frank Repholz, Jr.
Joseph Ritz
Pat Wincek

Kim Grab 570.842.4273

Scott Jordan 570.848.2759

Real Estate Tax Collector
Tammara Berry 570.472.2266

Wage Tax Collector
Berkheimer Agency 866.701.7206

Sewage Enforcement Officer
Will Evans 570.842.7032

Nuisance Officer
Gerald Lindner 570.430.1600

Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer
William Imhoff 570.234.4591

Building Inspector
Building Inspector Underwriters
Aaron Palaskas 570.335.5917

Zoning Hearing Board
Joseph Kasulaitis, Chair 570.842.6524
David Bentler
Donald Wombacker

Michelle Jordan
Ken Kaspriskie
Candace Yeaples

Emergency Management Coordinator
James Howley 570.842.9412
Scott Jordan 570.848.2759

Newsletter & Website Editor
Chris Carroll 570.842.5567

Annual Newsletter information deadline: February 1st. Submit all items to Kim Grab at

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