Thornhurst Township Recycling Information

At this time, Thornhurst Township does not have a formal recycling program.

However, an annual community clean-up is encouraged and the Township provides dumpsters located at the Fire House in early May (see annual
Newsletter for dates). There is a fee for disposing of items containing Freon. Due to regulations, no electronic items are accepted, including computers, TVs, VCRs, etc. (nothing that transmits radio waves); these items may be disposed of at the Recycling Center in Dunmore for a fee. Call the Recycling Center at 570.963.6868 for more information. For more general information on electronics recycling, visit

In addition, Thornhurst Township sponsors an annual road clean-up which coincides with Earth Day (see annual
Newsletter for dates).

Area recycling centers open to the general public are located in Gouldsboro and in Blakeslee (on Route 940 near the hardware store).

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