Thornhurst Township Volunteerism

Thornhurst Township is supported by several community groups, including the Thornhurst Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, Ambulance Squad and Auxiliary. These organizations provide a network of care and safety for all residents in the community. They also exist solely on the time and talents that volunteers lend to the organizations. The Fire Company and its affiliated entities conduct fundraisers and provide a forum for social gathering to support the efforts of the organizations. North Pocono CARE is also concerned about the quality of the Lehigh River and volunteers monitor the waters monthly and provide educational opportunities for residents of all ages. Please consider supporting our local organizations, either financially or by lending your time and talents to enhance our community.

Thornhurst Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, Ambulance Squad & Auxiliary
Our community is supported by members of the Thornhurst Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, Ambulance Squad, and Auxiliary in many ways. Various fundraisers are held throughout the year to enable firefighters, first responders, and others to maintain rigorous training standards and equipment to meet the needs of the public. See our annual Newsletter for upcoming events. For information on volunteer opportunities, see our Links page.

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