A Message from the Thornhurst Township Board of Supervisors

Important Permit & Administrative Changes

This year the Township will begin new procedures and contacts for zoning, violations of ordinances, and building permits. Please keep your newsletter for names, phone numbers, and steps to follow in reporting problems, or securing a permit. The initial change in the building code is the result of new state guidelines and the change in code enforcement is the result of George Stefanski accepting a new position with a building inspections company.

Your rst step to any building on your property covered by permits or ordinances begins with contacting the Zoning Of cer and the Sewage Enforcement Of cer. Either of these gentlemen can supply you with an application for a building permit which cannot be obtained without the Zoning and Sewage Enforcement Of cers’ approval. The application will outline the steps necessary to secure your building permit. The building permits are issued by an independent third party. You will not be given a permit without clearance from zoning and sewage; you cannot skip steps. Upon receipt of your approved permits the Building Inspector Underwriters will contact you to issue your permit and set up inspections. The new procedures and the third party inspections are now taking place throughout Pennsylvania. Township personnel and phone numbers are listed in the newsletter.

Violations of ordinances will be handled by Gerald Lindner. If, as a concerned party, you are calling attention to what you believe is a problem or a violation, per standing procedures, you will need to le a complaint form describing the issue. You may request a form from Township personnel.

In a continuing effort to prepare for emergencies the Township has purchased two (2) lap top computers. The computers’ cases are designed to withstand rough handling and poor weather. This is one step in addressing communication needs in times of emergency. The computers are presently being used by the Emergency Management Coordinators to keep in touch with local and state authorities as they continue to bring the emergency plans in line with mandated guidelines.

The foundation on the church building has been repaired to avoid any additional damage to the property. The Township will begin to work on the preliminary plans presented by the architect to move ahead on this project, now that the foundation has been corrected.

The Township road has received much needed attention. The nal phase in road repair will take place this spring or early summer with the application of a topcoat.

No word has been received on the grant application for the next phase of the park. We do continue to get ll. The estimate for the ll necessary was a couple hundred thousand dollars. The acquisition of the ll to date has been a great step forward.

The Township wishes to thank the Thornhurst Fire Co., Ambulance Squad and Auxiliary for their continued service to the community.

Township Meeting Dates & Times

The Planning Commission meets at 7 PM on the rst Tuesday of March, May, September and November, with additional meetings as needed. The Board of Supervisors meets at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held at the Township Building on Old River Road. Public notices and meeting changes are published in The Moscow Villager. Information about local events and other township news or activities is posted on the bulletin board outside of the building.

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