A Message from the Thornhurst Township Board of Supervisors

Important Ordinance & Website Changes

The Township is in the process of making adjustments to its web site. The changes will allow you to access the Township ordinances more easily. Upon entering the Township, at all access points, there is signage that informs you we are a zoned community. Easier access to the ordinances will allow residents to better understand our regulations. The new version of the website will also be mobile-friendly, as we realize that more residents and visitors are seeking information on smartphones. We anticipate the new website being launched in the coming months with a seamless transition.

The history of the area as a rural hunting, shing, and camping destination has left its marks. We have made many changes regarding what activities are acceptable, and where they are acceptable. If you reside in an organized development, the guidelines of that community govern what will be allowed, unless the standard is more liberal than the Township’s for the same activity, structure, and appearance.

Absentee owners are many times unaware of what activity is taking place on their property. This does not reduce the liability of the owner. If it becomes necessary for nes and legal action on a property, the owner is the responsible party. When the cost remains unpaid or ignored, a lien can be placed against the property. This not only affects new construction, but long term residents who ignore rules for any additions or changes on their property.

There are guidelines for campers, trailers, hook up to septic systems, and the number of unlicensed vehicles on the site. We ask all residents prior to taking steps to build, place, or add anything to your lot or home, to check the website or call the zoning or building inspector listed on the newsletter. Permits are required for additions, septic changes, sheds, and garages, and there are location requirements for sheds, pools, garages, and fences. It is your responsibility to check the necessary requirements. Find out prior to any actions or you may end up with legal costs. It is better to clear up any questions prior to making expenditures. If something is unclear, you are welcome to come to meeting, call, or check the website, and you will have your questions answered.

The Township wishes to thank the Thornhurst Volunteer Fire Company, Ambulance Squad and Auxiliary for their continued service to the community.

Township Meeting Dates & Times

The Planning Commission meets at 7 PM on the rst Tuesday of March, May, September and November, with additional meetings as needed. The Board of Supervisors meets at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held at the Township Building on Old River Road.

Public notices and meeting changes are published in The Moscow Villager. Information about local events and other township news or activities is posted on the bulletin board outside of the building.

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