A Message from the Thornhurst Township Board of Supervisors

One constant goal of the Board of Supervisors for the past 25 years has been to take actions which preserve our history, and to support actions to protect our natural surroundings. We are extremely fortunate with assistance in supporting these goals from an involved citizenship, supportive state representation, and the tireless efforts of Bonnie Smith, and members of the North Pocono CARE organization. 

With this mind set, several years ago the Township purchased a historic building previously occupied by St. Mark’s Catholic Church. The structure along River Road next to the Thornhurst Fire Company building was built in 1870. The plan to convert this structure to a Community Building has received community support and is now about to become a reality. 

In cooperation with the Fire Company, a request for funding was submitted for Local Share Account funds. We have been very fortunate to secure a grant to assist in this project. The Board has preliminary drawings and cost estimates. Refining the project to final plans and steps will begin immediately. Residents interested in participating in any stage of the project should contact the Board of Supervisors. 

Upon acceptance of the architect’s final drawings, specifications will be drawn and bid requests will be advertised. There will be tasks which will require volunteer assistance. As the project moves forward, we will keep you informed through our website and our meetings. 

On Friday, February 16, Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and our State Representative, Michael Carroll, traveled to Pinchot State Forest District in Thornhurst. The purpose of their visit was to announce state funding for improvement to the 26-mile snowmobile trail in the Park. The gathering took place in the Manny Gordon Recreation Area, the trail head of the snowmobile trail. DCNR is the largest land holder in Thornhurst Township, and their attention to maintaining and improving this holding is beneficial to Thornhurst and our surrounding areas. Maps of the snowmobile trail and one of other DCNR recreation areas in the region are available at the Township building or Pinchot State Forest District building. We are very fortunate to have the Pinchot State Forest as our neighbor, an involved State Representative, and residents who recognize their own responsibility to protecting the environment. 

The Township wishes to thank the Thornhurst Volunteer Fire Company, Ambulance Squad and Auxiliary for their continued service to the community. 

Township Meeting Dates & Times

The Planning Commission meets at 7 PM on the first Tuesday of March, May, September and November, with additional meetings as needed. The Board of Supervisors meets at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held at the Township Building on Old River Road. 

Public notices and meeting changes are published in The Moscow Villager. Information about local events and other township news or activities is posted on the bulletin board outside of the building. 

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