A Message from the Thornhurst Township Board of Supervisors

There is no denying this past year has altered many things. Adjustments in behaviors and schedules do not begin to describe the depth of life changes in so short a time. Many annual community events in the Township were cancelled or, if possible, redesigned to meet the new protocols. We must keep moving forward even if only with baby steps.

Our spring community cleanup will take place again this year. We ask for your cooperation with the program. We have never put limits on the volume of trash being disposed of by individuals, but we must remind you this service is for the entire community. Last year we had some people bring over five pickup truck loads of trash. This quantity of trash reduces the access for many others and is unacceptable. The workers at the site have been told if they believe there is an abuse of the opportunity that they may refuse to take the material. Time and dates are listed in this newsletter. Please refer to that schedule and to the list of unacceptable items. We have discontinued the document shredding due to a lack of interest.

The Township is adopting a new ordinance addressing short-term rentals in the Township. The work on this ordinance has been in the process for over a year. We have yet to receive the court decision concerning our lawsuit addressing zoning violations related to this subject. The new ordinance will require registration of short-term rentals within the Township and will be available for review shortly.

We are applying for a grant to readdress the need for funds to develop the park land on the river. The North Pocono CARE organization has agreed to assist in preparing the materials necessary for submission to the state.

Township Meeting Dates & Times

The Planning Commission meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of March, May, September and November, with additional meetings as needed. The Board of Supervisors meets at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held at the Township Building on Old River Road.

Public notices and meeting changes are published in the Tri-County Independent. Information about local events and other township news or activities is posted on the bulletin board outside of the building.

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