A Message from the Thornhurst Township Board of Supervisors

Several years ago the Township purchased an historic building previously occupied by St. Mark’s Catholic Church. The structure along River Road next to the Thornhurst Fire Company building was built in 1870. The plan to convert this structure to a community building is now underway and includes paving the fire house property. The bid request for the paving is being released and the necessary ordinance for the initial steps in the church/community building project is in review. Both of these projects are the result of the grant obtained last year in cooperation with the Fire Company through Local Share Account funds. We have been very fortunate to secure a grant to assist in this project.


The community park project on Old River Road is being separated into individual elements. The breakout will allow for advancing the project in financially manageable steps. One of the most costly elements was the fill requirements. This need was estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, over a long period of time, clean fill was obtained without cost. The members of the group North Pocono CARE will work on the breakout elements to be addressed. If anyone else is interested in participating, please contact any of the Supervisors.


Throughout the year many residents perform works that affect the quality of everyone’s enjoyment of our beautiful surroundings. The Pat Wincek-Nancy Ritz team has for years led the work and coordination necessary to clean up and maintain the local cemetery. This is an act of love to preserve both township and family history. The Memorial Day celebration at the cemetery should be a must for all residents. It is an example of community involvement at its best. Pat Wincek, with time on her hands left over from work, family and cemetery duties has also researched and purchased post cards, photos, and other Thornhurst memorabilia for public display.


Joe Kasulaitis and the volunteers who work the annual road clean-up every Spring perform a community service, and welcome additional help. Bonnie Smith and members of the North Pocono CARE group watch and take action on environmental issues affecting the land and waterways in the community, critical elements to maintaining a healthy environment. The Thornhurst Volunteer Fire Company and its organizations are critical to life and property. The Township wishes to thank all members of the Fire Company, Ambulance Squad and Auxiliary for their continued service to the community. The culinary skills of Nancy and Ron Contard are a big assist to these organization’s fundraising efforts. We are a very fortunate community to have so many individuals sharing their talents and hard work. For a truly entertaining event, plan to participate in or attend the Michelle and Scott Jordan’s Annual Fourth of July Red Neck Parade!

Township Meeting Dates & Times

The Planning Commission meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of March, May, September and November, with additional meetings as needed. The Board of Supervisors meets at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month. Both meetings are held at the Township Building on Old River Road.


Public notices and meeting changes are published in The Moscow Villager. Information about local events and other township news or activities is posted on the bulletin board outside of the building.

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