The 911 readdressing program is underway. According to Scott Jordan, Township Roadmaster, and coordinator of this effort, “The purpose of the program is to ensure that there is no duplication of road names or house numbers so that during emergency dispatch, it’s easier to locate the scene of the emergency.” Township residents have received notification containing their new house number and street designation. The information for purchasing the correct size and color of numbers was also distributed. The Thornhurst Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. Ambulance association is running a program to assist residents with this undertaking.

Elaine Evans, Chair, Board of Thornhurst Township Supervisors, said “The consultant has advised us that ‘overall your residents were the friendliest and most cooperative of all the readdressing projects we have done.’ It will, however, take about six months before GPS companies have these changes through their systems.” Lackawanna County has received the information for all structures. “Thank you for your cooperation,” Elaine added.

One of the many benefits of the readdressing effort, besides safety in regard to efficient response time, is that receiving deliveries from companies such as UPS, FedEx, etc., will be easier because the physical and mailing address is the same.